Musgrave Lucy 816 283

Registration Number: 18467567
Date of Birth: 1/24/16
Tattoo: 816
Sire:LD Capitalist 316
Dam:Musgrave Lucy 283-162

B&L Bandy's Tea 01Z

Registration Number: 17453371
Date of Birth: 02/01/2012
Tattoo: 01Z
Sire: Limestone PAF Texas Tea 320
Dam: B&L Bandy's Reflection 19X

B&L Bandy's Reflection 19X

Registration Number: 18641732
Date of Birth: 02/17/2010
Tattoo: 08Z
Sire: Connealy Reflection
Dam: MA Bandy Maid 873

B&L Miss Bando Baby 08Z

Registration Number: 17297648
Date of Birth: 02/12/2012
Tattoo: 08Z
Sire: HSAF Bando 1961
Dam: Hoff Miss Traveler 73S