For Sale

Great Meadows Angus Association Fall Sale

October 15, 2022 at 1:00 EST
794 Port Royal Road, Campbellsburg, KY
GMAA Fall 22 (

Lot 8A

Legacy Dixie Erica 44J

AAA 20336083

Big middle, easy fleshing, stout featured daughter of Square B Atlantis. Her dam, Legacy Dixie Erica 146E is a foundation donor in our program offers an outcross to many of today’s maternal pedigrees. We have several daughters in production that are raising calves in the top of their contemporary groups.

Lot 8B

Legacy Dixie Erica 226F

AAA 19400403

A double digit calving ease daughter out of Baldridge Bronc. She is the dam of our top heifer calf out of the 2022 Spring calf crop, as well as the dam of a past GMAA top selling bred heifer. Sells safe A.I. to SAV Bloodline on 4-3-22.

1% BW

2% CEM

3% CED

10% Milk

15% Angle and RE

Lot 8C

Legacy Dixie Erica 77K

AAA 20390372

This is one to get excited about – arguably the best heifer of our spring 2022 calf crop. Barricade is a sire that many cattlemen are talking about and we have loved our first calves sired by him. This January heifer is impressively stout, is dimensional with her width, and has a docile disposition.

1% CEM, Claw, and Angle

2% CED and BW

10% $W

15% Milk

Lot 63

Legacy Adelaide 315G

AAA 19853256

A 316 daughter that excels in phenotype and genotype. A young cow in her prime that is complete and functional with excellent udder quality. A daughter also sells as lot 93. Lot 63 sells safe to SAV Scale House on 4-13-22.

1% WW, YW, Milk, CW, $W

2% $B and $C

3% RADG and SC

5% $F

Lot 63A

Legacy Renovation 86K

AAA 20393225

A big topped, thick ended son of the now deceased SAV Renovation. With balanced good looks he offers pounds advantage to your calf crop.

10% WW and YW

15% Claw and $W 

Lot 64

Legacy Rita 317G

AAA 19853235

A sound structured Stunner female who still offers strong growth, maternal, carcass and $ Values. Dam of one of our best bull calves in the Spring 2022 calf crop, he’s a top end herdsire prospect. Safe A.I. to SAV Renovation on 4-12-22.

3% $B

4% Marbling

5% $F and $C

15% WW

Lot 64A

Legacy Barricade 82K

AAA 20390373

There is no doubt this January bull calf will be a standout in spring bull calves highlighted in the GMAA sale. Excellent structure combined with his rugged dimension and mass will prove him to be an excellent herd sire. We can’t say enough good things about the Barricade sired calves, take advantage of this one!

10% Claw and Angle

Lot 65

Legacy Bandy Maid 30F

AAA 19979606

A direct granddaughter of MA Bandy Maid 873, this genetically balanced female is one that fits the bill for her completeness. Another young dam in her prime that is safe A.I. to the popular SAV Jesse James on 4-12-22.

Legacy 65A

Legacy Renovation 80K

AAA 20393196

A well balanced herdsire prospect sired by Renovation, he’ll be one that is smooth and stylish in his kind without sacrificing pushing the scales down at weaning.

15% YW and Claw

20% WW

Lot 93

Legacy Adelaide 05J

AAA 20098774

Sired by a leading Krebs Ranch bull, this Outfit daughter offers outcross genetics. She was a highlight of our Spring 2021 heifer crop and has exceeded our expectations in growth. Her extension coupled her soundness is something to appreciate in such a powerful package. Her dam sells as Lot 63. Lot 93 sells safe A.I. to Coleman Triumph on 3-26-22.

3% WW and YW

10% RADG, CW and $W

15% $B