For Sale

64th Annual Kentucky Angus Sweepstakes 

March 6 & 7, 2020
Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, KY

Lot 26

Legacy Dixie Erica 285G
Tattoo: 285G
Birthdate: 02/03/19
AAA 19572597
Coleman Bravo 6313 x Legacy Dixie Erica 146E

A standout in the pasture from the beginning, Dixie Erica 285G is the true cowman’s kind.  The blend of Coleman, Brooking, and Duff genetics was a no miss in producing this real world brood cow prospect.  Out of a first calf heifer, this February female is one of the deepest middled and boldest ribbed we’ve raised to date.  She easily carries this dimension in a well balanced and eye appealing package.  In addition to being one of our top spring open heifers, 285G has a great disposition and is suited for exhibitors of all ages.

Lot 46

Legacy Capitalist 316 289G
Tattoo: 289G
Birthdate: 02/04/19
AAA 19581198
LD Capitalist 316 x Legacy Adelaide 145E

The pedigree and phenotype found in 289G makes him a standout selection for a young herdsire.  Another Legacy Farm consignment out of a first calf heifer, 289G combines Brookings genetics with the ever popular LD Capitalist 316.  This is an easy calving ease sire selection that gives an excellent growth spread while being impressive in how sound structured and powerfully made he is.  This bull keeps putting on more mass and getting better by the day.  We have been impressed with the consistency in our LD Capitalist 316 offspring and this lot is no exception.  Cost share eligible.

Lot 6

Legacy Henrietta Pride 351G
Tattoo: 351G
Birthdate: 09/20/19
AAA 19554933
LD Capitalist 316 x TAF Henrietta Pride 406

Henrietta Pride 351G is a fancy September heifer calf that has all the style she can handle while having the structural integrity needed for a unique breeding piece.  Big footed, deep sided, and big hipped, she is a reflection of Henrietta Pride family while blending the extension and balance we have seen from our 316 contemporaries.  This young female is one that is hard to fault and offers potential buyers many directions with her phenotype and pedigree.